Life is precious and every little thing children do and say is worth remembering. They have a way of pulling out the extraordinary in everything they do. Simply give a child a dandelion or a little wooden stick, and watch them awaken a world of dreams and innocence. You see the magic unfold almost effortlessly and get a peek into the inner manifestation of their little souls. And I love being there to snap it.

I strive to capture children as they are. Forgoing forced smiles and poses, I embrace the natural expressions that your child gives. You will never hear me utter the words, "say cheese." I want to capture personality, not manufacture it. I like to find the unique beauty of everyone I photograph and try to reveal their personality in my shots. I love gorgeous backlighting and hysterical laughing, but also find great beauty in the dark shadows and haunted faces.

My style reflects my personality - bright, organic, whimsical and thoughtful. Fairy tales, flea markets and mother nature are all at the core of my inspiration and I take great pride in my attention to detail and timeless post processing style.

If you are looking for a photographer that brings a ton of bright, colorful props, then that is not me. I believe less is more. I don't like random manufactured?objects taking away from the focus of the child. I utilize mother nature and our amazing golden?sunlight as my biggest "props." Now I DO bring a few items to my sessions, for kids to sit on or explore?with, but they are all items that spur a child's imagination?and look like they could have been there for years.

My newborn sessions also follow my "less is more" philosophy. I like earth tones and soft muted colors with?just a few organic details to keep the focus on your precious bundle of joy.?All of my?bonnets, headbands and wraps are handmade, organic and?have been?sourced from all around the world, with many coming from Europe.?I also have a number of vintage bonnets that date back to the 1940's?for that timeless?baby look.

From finding the perfect location full of magical light to advising you on what you and your children should wear, my goal is to create heirloom memories of your child that you will treasure now, and that your grandchildren will hold dear a generation from now.

Thank you for taking the time to consider Melissa Chamberlain and A Pocket of Time Photography.